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Sonic the Hedgehog's Self-Berating Twitter Account is Amazing

You don't have to be any kind of avid video game buff to know that Sonic has been culturally irrelevant for over a decade. Whilst he still has pride of place as one of the most iconic characters in gaming history, he failed to survive the transition to 3D and the franchise has long been a tragically fitting metaphor for the lingering decline of the once illustrious Sega. Every once in a while a well-designed throwback will come out and the fire will spark excitedly for a moment, but before long it's settled back into a smoldering pile of blue ash.
Now that he has something of a saving grace and a rather unexpected one: a Twitter account. More often than not, corporate run social media accounts for fictional characters are just plain embarrassing, mishandled attempts at product promotion (the Facebook account for Mass Effect's Commander Shepard is one of the most cringe-worthy things I've ever had the displeasure of scrolling through) but whoever is managing Sonic's account seems to know what's up.
Between biting back against fake Sepp Blatter, jokingly denying that half the Sonic games that came out between now and 2003 even existed and referencing Game of Thrones on a semi-regular basis, Sonic has found a way to take his tattered reputation and turn it into one massive in-joke. It's obviously working, the account currently sits at a modest 162,000 followers, but it's climbing rapidly.
That's not to say that the account doesn't have any kind of promotional ethos, there's a (likely terrible) new Sonic Boom title incoming and may of his tweets are angled towards bigging it up, but seemingly Sega are well aware that overdoing it on the sales pitch is only going to hinder them on this front. It is entirely possible that if the account breaks half a million or even a million followers some time in the near future that the self-deprecating, dry humor might fall by the wayside, but for the time being it's ceaselessly entertaining to behold. It's nice to see Sonic being good at something again.

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