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Snapchat Debuts Political Ad


Snapchat has just landed it's first political ad

The American Action Network (A.A.N.), associated with the House Republican leadership has placed a 10 second ad on Snapchat. The Snapchat-curated 'live story' “Roast and Ride” featuring Senator Joni Ernst arrived on Saturday. It's part of a larger, $900,000 campaign by A.A.N. urging Congress to pass trade promotion authority.

The ad will include a variety of photos and videos from Ms. Ernst’s event, promoting to Snapchat users in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Washington, D.C. “We’re excited to be the first in the political space to utilize the growing medium for advertising,” said communications director for the American Action Network, Dan Conston. “A.A.N. is using Snapchat because its allowing us to deliver an engaging ad experience to an audience of influencers and younger, hard to reach voters.”

It all seems to be part of Snapchat's plans to expand its users and become a new media provider. 
They've has been doing a lot of hiring lately. Recently, the tech company confirmed they’ve hired Sean Mills to be Head of Original Content, in fact this week is his first week on the job. 

Mills impressively grew video startup company, NowThis' views from 150,000 to 60 million per month. He’s also added CEO of Nerve.com to his CV along with president of The Onion for eight solid years during which readership grew to 10 million people. You can probably see now why Snapchat wants him on the team to grow original content - we here at Social Songbird want him on the team. 

The company plans to grow its original video content division and build up its presence in New York. Mills office will be based near Times Square.

But Mills is just one of several key high profile hires Snapchat has made recently, he’ll be working alongside Peter Hambly, who was hired from CNN in April.

Earlier this year, Snapchat introduced Discover, a sector where users can consume bite-sided news content from its partner publisher. Currently, Snapchat's Discover is debuting an original content reality series “Literally Can’t Even” and Snapchat-written articles.

It seems to be going well as the app’s most popular video feature is “Stories”. Stories are series of snaps submitted in one location by millions of users who have been there. Some of the stories generate tens of millions of views within the time frame of 48 hours, making Stories viewed more than Snapchat’s flagship messaging products – snaps!

Snapchat has a 4 year old startup ambition to move beyond just an app that lets people send picture messages that disappear after a set time. Several major multimedia content platforms such as CNN, Yahoo New, National Geographic, the Food Network, ESPN and Cosmopolitan are betting on Snapchat's new Discover to become a major media provider.  

"Roast or ride" isn't going to be the only political ad we see. Snapchat aims to cover the 2016 presidential election. Personally I think this will be great to get more of the younger generation involved (perhaps motivating them to vote) and hopefully for Snapchat, gain a wider base of users. 

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