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Photo Editing - Facebook Catch the Snapchat Bug

Facebook Photo Stickers
Whether it was in the works for months, or they were just buoyed by the exploding popularity of their recent rainbow flag profile editor, Facebook have introduced a new photo editing component to the iOS version of their app. The new uploader, which has just started testing, allows you to add stickers, filters and coloured text. You can test filters by swiping them across the image to help you settle on the right one.

If this is all sounding a bit snappy and a bit chatty, that's probably far from an accident. Despite some recent decline in popularity, Snapchat still sits comfortably at the top of the photo-sharing tree and Facebook have been eyeing them for a long time. They actually made an attempt to acquire them in November 2013 with a $3 billion bid, but the offer was almost immediately rejected.

The editing interface is easy to grasp, it's a tabbed enhancement tray, similar in design to the one Instagram uses. You can type out text before dragging it to your desired location over the image, as well as resizing it and picking the colour on a wheel. Tagging and cropping options are also available on the editor, as well as stickers. The editor boasts a wide selection of filters, but you can apply some of them without even needing to use the editor.

Whilst viewing a photo directly from the posting screen, you can use a vertical line to drag and apply 5 filters or an automatic colour correction tool. The filters in question are Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter and Snow, which respectively alter the hue of the image to reflect the season in question, except Snow, which turns them black & white. 

It's not a particularly diverse or unique compliment of features, but it will likely be enough to encourage much of Facebook's massive user base to fiddle with their photos a bit more. This move neatly mirrors the recent release of the Moments album sharing app, demonstrating Facebook's consistent interest in attracting casual photographers.

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