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New Social Network 'Minds' Gets Backing from Anonymous

Delivering Piece of Mind(s)

A brand new network has just been launched, aiming to bring privacy back to social media.
Screenshot: Minds.com
The new site, called 'Minds', aims to counteract the growing concerns spreading throughout the populace with full encryption and open-source algorithms. In most respects, Minds functions just like any other social network, allowing you to upload updates or posts to your followers, like and comment on other posts and promote your own. The major difference is that this new take on the world of social media will fully encrypt all communications so as to block governments and organisations from studying up on your daily life.

The open source element also adds an extra element of comfort, as any tech savvy developer can access the code to ensure their are no 'backdoors' hidden within that may allow access to your data, as well as contributing to and maintaining the network itself.

In a recent interviews with the likes of Business Insider and CNET, Minds founder Bill Ottman made sure to promote the company's mantra of 'Freedom & Privacy' stating: “Our stance is the users deserve the control of social media in every sense. A lot of companies will claim privacy and say they're encrypted, but it's not real encryption because we have no way of inspecting the code to see if there are backdoors.”

Minds is no one trick pony however, and does have a few more features up its sleeve to differentiate itself from the competition. The most noticeable of these will be the 'points' system the site uses to measure and reward interaction. Users will be rewarded points for performing most actions within the site, such as uploading, sharing or commenting on posts and content.

Users can then spend their accumulated points in order to add 'views' and promote their own posts. Basically what that boils down to is: The more you interact, the further your reach becomes. This enables Minds to utilise much simpler algorithms than the likes of 'Facebook', who have a famously murky and unclear approach, and as such give their users a greater sense of security.

It does seem that I am not the only person online who can see the merits and appeal of this system, as hacker group 'Anonymous' have already pledged their support to the newly-emerging network. Broadcasting via their affiliated 'ART of Revolution' Twitter account, a spokesperson for the group called for action: "Let us collaborate to help build minds.com and other open-source, encrypted networks to co-create a top site of the people, by the people and for the people."

With endorsement with such a highly publicised group, and a highly appealing USP, I expect to see Minds.com hit the ground running and achieve a decent measure of success.

Sam Bonson
Sam is an aspiring novelist with a passion for fantasy and crime thrillers. Currently working as Editor of Social Songbird, he hopes to one day drop that 'aspiring' prefix. Follow him @SamAtSMF

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