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LinkedIn Redesign Pulse: A Personalised News Feed App


LinkedIn's external Pulse app has been around for a while, but earlier this week the networking platform dispensed with the usual app update and instead brought out a whole new version of it. Originally all you could do was select a clutch of publications and areas of interest to customise your feed, but with this new version things run a great deal deeper.

As well as taking into account who you follow on the main site, where you work and what your experience background is, the new app will also monitor which stories you interact with most to further personalise your feed, much like Facebook. The key difference is that Pulse will always show you exactly why you're seeing a particular news item, whether it's because it's related to something else you registered an interest in or because one of your connections is linked to it. That makes it that much easier for you to figure out how to filter out the offal.

The app also features a swiping function similar to Tinder, with a right swipe saving a story and a left swipe rejecting it. The thinking behind it is that rather than just providing you with a steady feed of news items that you can use to kill 5 minutes on the train, Pulse will provide you with content that you will actually find useful within your line of work. That could mean anything from networking advice to stock market news to information about corporate machinations, but it will be completely different for everyone.

As well as external publishers, Pulse will be fed by LinkedIn's in-house publishing component, which has both staff and user contributors. The guiding principle behind this is to widen LinkedIn from a singular job hunting service to something that you're apt to spend a lot more time on. The site's recent acquisition of the learning platform Lynda.com had similar connotations. There are plenty of other personalised news feed apps on the market, but none that require so little user input to support their feeds and none with such a direct link to your work life.

Callum Davies

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