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From Social Media King to Globetrotting Nomad - The Myspace Tom Story

Remember Tom? If you had any kind of online presence from 2003 onward you almost certainly do, because he was your first MySpace friend, like it or not. Most people (myself included) deleted him pretty much straight away, for some reason having the actual owner of MySpace on your friends list was viewed as a bit of a black mark. (Remember having top friends? How messed up was that?)
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With Tom almost definitely being the most frequently deleted friend in the history of social media, as well as being the creator of a hopelessly outdated, but somehow still active platform, it's hard to think of a good reason to keep tabs on his activity, much less follow him on Instagram. And yet.
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After selling MySpace to the Murdoch empire for $580 million in 2005, many rightly assumed he had jacked out of the Matrix to fulfill his destiny as The One (his full name is Thomas Anderson), but as his Instagram shows, that wasn't quite the case. As it turns out Tom has been travelling across the world taking gorgeous photos of the landmarks he visits, from New Zealand to Japan to Santa Monica. Don't misunderstand me though, these images aren't just good because of the amazing locations they depict, this is some seriously incredible photography by anyone's standards.
Allegedly Tom first starting getting into photography during a visit to Burning Man in 2011 (not that weird a place to find tech heads, surprisingly) and he's been hooked ever since. Even taking that out of the equation, he seems to have things far better figured out than most millionaires, it's a big world out there and most people don't have the means to just come unstuck and go trekking across it indefinitely.
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Many have wondered if Tom will ever tag himself back into the social media game but judging from these photos I'd say it's unlikely, he strikes me as the kind of person who doesn't like to spend too long doing any one particular thing.
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