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Father's Day 2015 Explodes on Social Media

For some perverse reason, Father's Day never seems to get quite the same amount of hype as Mother's Day. I used to work in a pub and Mother's Day was far any away the busiest day of the year for table bookings, but Father's Day? Only the slightest uptick. It doesn't seem particularly fair. I mean sure, no Dad has ever had to push a living human being out of their uterus, but assuming they remained an active parent, they had to put up with just as much of your nonsense as your Mum. 

Happily, if social media is to be believed, plenty of other people agree with me. Instagram swarmed with NBA players either paying tribute to their fathers or indeed their own children, whilst Facebook and Twitter featured an even more broad spread of famous faces honouring the day.

Justin Timberlake pulled in a particularly significant amount of attention by posting a picture of his newborn son, Silas, who is only a month-and-a-half old. Other famous faces instead opted to post images of themselves with their fathers. Madonna opted for a picture of her as a baby, whilst David Beckham chose a more recent photo.

Not all of us have fathers still in the world though and that fact wasn't lost on anyone. Perhaps the most touching tribute came from 16-year-old Meadow Walker, the daughter of deceased Fast and Furious star Paul Walker. The image she posted, that of herself as a baby being held and kissed on the cheek by her late father (with the simple caption 'happy father's day') was met with a massive response, being liked on Instagram by more than 90,000 people.
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Another father who featured heavily was Caitlyn Jenner, who had already been trending on social media in the wake of coming out publically as a transgender woman. All of his numerous children (both Jenner and Kardashian) paid their dues, with Kylie Jenner leaving a heartwarming video tribute which made it clear that the gender change had in no way detracted from Caitlyn's role as her father. There have been some depressing, but expected trolling responses, but nowhere near enough to draw attention away from the sweetness of the gesture.

Callum Davies

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