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Will you be voting? Let your friends know with Facebook's 'I'm a Voter' button

The UK elections are just around the corner and this year is set to be one of the closest in many years, with most predicting no party will gain a majority vote (326 seats) to form a government.

Facebook, being no stranger to getting involved with the hot topic of the day, has decided to release a new feature across its platform.  The simple 'I'm a Voter' button will start to appear across accounts in the UK on voting day (Thursday).

source: facebook.com
 This will be the first time Facebook has made this feature available for the UK election, having used it 3 times previously in the US elections.  However the button was trialed in the UK last year during the independence referendum in Scotland.

The aim of the button is to encourage people to vote and with Facebook’s 35 million users in the UK it seems like a great platform to do so. A study published in 'Nature' in 2012 showed that increased conversation ahead of an election can increase voter turnout on the day.  

Facebook's politics and government specialist for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Elizabeth Linder had this to say -  

‘Politics is huge on Facebook, and with over 52 million interactions related to the General Election already this year, we fully expect it to be the most discussed topic in the UK in 2015’

YouGov’s most recent issues poll showed that voters believe the Economy, Immigration and Health are the 3 biggest issues the UK is facing.

With this years election being one of the most discussed events on social media in the UK in recent years, Facebook have taken to the Coca-Cola London Eye to display their data as a pie chart projected on to the giant wheel, opposite the Houses of Parliament.

source: facebook.com
Visualisations over the past three nights have looked at the most discussed parties among men and women as well as the country as a whole.

Between January 1 and May 1, the most discussed UK political party on Facebook was UKIP, seeing 15.6 million interactions from three million people.

The second most talked-about party were The Conservatives with 12.2 million interactions from 2.5 million people, followed by Labour with 9.7 million interactions from 2 million people.

The Liberal Democrats saw two million interactions from 688,000 people and the SNP, 2 million interactions from 415,000 people.

When Thursday comes I am sure that you will see Facebook's new button cropping up more and more throughout the day with many of your friends pressing the button to say they have voted. 

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