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Twitter Pecks Apart the Nest it Built for DOS to Rest


Due to the fact that only last week we excitedly reported the computer crashing comeback of the DOS games, we feel the need to disappoint, with a little bit of help from Twitter, and announce that they are available to play there no more.

As quickly as they were introduced those dusty DOS games have been dropped by Twitter and swiftly kicked back to the emulators and the 80’s.

The decision came following a finer look at the terms and conditions of the life giving system twitter cards. A twitter card is the system that allows dense media, mainly images, ads and videos, to be displayed by the twitter feed; this is where keen DOS fans found their opportunity to host the beloved games and play them without leaving the site.

As expected, within days of discovering this function twitter uses found their timelines clogged to plug with likes of Wolfenstein 3D, Street Fighter and Championship Manager ’93.

Twitter just had to take action.


Embedding interactive media, although a fun function, could change the purpose of the site forever. Most companies would jump at the chance to expand their audience and attributes, but real time news and celebrity engagement is just too profitable a market to distract them from. Maybe that’ll be the next social media site to watch out for; GAMESHARE: a site to host a live stream of unearthed, pixel-speckled, finger-cramping, nostalgia drenched games of the past.

Anyway. Twitter discovered this little gem within their terms of services, developer documentation for cards:

Do not build end-to-end interactive experiences inside the video or audio player unrelated to Player Card content, such as the following: purchasing, gaming, polling, messaging, and data entry.

And with that, the games were gone.

But all is not lost. To enjoy the old-school animation and be gripped once again by the clicking thrill of DOS games you can visit https://archive.org/index.php and try to survive through a two and a half thousand-plus pile of player ready games.

Leo Donnelly 
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