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Tweet Directly Into Google Search


It’s hard to say who will benefit the most from the arrangement of Google and Twitter’s deal that would allow tweets to begin showing up in Google’s searches meaning that a search for a topic or hashtag will show new and trending updates alongside the usual lists of websites and news articles.

For Google, tweets are fed straight into Google as they are posted – no longer do they have to send robots out to “scrape” relevant tweets from Twitter’s website and index them into it’s data.

For Twitter, it will increase the importance of the site to many who do not use it, bringing new users to register, as growth has stagnated.

Win-win for everyone but why did the relationship fall apart in the first place?
From Google, apparently Twitter was getting a little too big for it’s britches when it asked the search company to pay for access to it’s “firehose”. Whereas Twitter thought Google search results weren’t going to be a proper resource of user growth and was concerned that Google might use some of its data to help Google+.


Despite having been estrange for four years the companies have reached an agreement and yesterday marks the first day, US Google customers would have seen relevant tweets in their search results with Google app (iOS and Android) and mobile web. This feature will be introduced to more countries in the upcoming months along with the desktop web version.

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