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Spy_Watch: Smart Watch's Latest Step In Gaming Tech


Many were sceptical about the gaming prospects of the Apple Watch, seeing little hope in the tiny screen’s ability to capture and hold the attention of an audience already compensating with the small screen size of smartphones. T.V to tablet would have been a kinder transition, but to down size to the eye straining circumference of a fifty pence piece was really asking a lot of faithful apple users and abusers.


However, in the process of making the watch’s small screen a success, the creators may have stumbled upon a style of game play to revolutionize the app store. Bossa Studios, a London-based app creation team, responsible for games such as “I Am Bread”, has combined and addressed the solutions of the three most poignant issues surrounding modern day game play: Technology’s increasingly intertwining integration into everyday life; the time constraints and frequency of handheld gaming; the positive emerging awareness of fitness and health.


The game, rather than requiring a fully focused sit-down session, tangles into the day just seconds at a time, no less convenient than texting. This means people can play on the go, at their leisure, without the need to be still; hopefully this will aid in promoting a more physically active gaming relationship.
Although it carries the name “watch”, the smart watch shares as much similarity with its predecessors as a smartphone does with a Nokia 3210; its future is temporarily undetermined and so the watch’s evolution will critically depend on the way it grows into our daily lives and what we choose to use it for. One thing we can say for certain is that its make or break will not rest on its ability to tell time (although we’d be shocked if it couldn't).

Bossa Studios have created and released Spy_Watch, a game that’s format and functioning may help in foretelling the smart watch’s future.

Spy_Watch is based on the premise that watch wearers view their wrist-tech every twenty minutes or so. The game, therefore, takes place throughout out the day at similar intervals via notification-like actions that take no more than minute to complete.

Video games journalist, Will Freeman of the Guardian provides a great, concise description of the Spy_watch app, writing:

Players of Bossa’s game assume the role of a person wearing a futuristic watch. Really, then, it’s a live-action role-playing game. But it’s also an espionage-themed text adventure. Every 20 minutes, a fictional colleague in the field checks in through the watch, via real notifications, so messages come through among emails and texts from real-world contacts.

It’s great to see a game taking a step back from graphical pageantry and reinstating the mind as Head of Imaginative Creativity, but it does beg us to ask whether this direction of game-play could become slightly too immersive? What we must consider is that Spy_Watch is the first game of its kind and has cleared the path for a probably many to come. With the world increasingly conditioned to alertness by the leg-quaking buzzes and bells from our pockets; could we see these new combinations suck our eyes and minds to the screens more than that is healthy? The last thing we need is an extra alert to rip us from live, gripping, real-time, voice to voice, or better yet, face to face conversations.

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