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Social Media Sews Seeds of Panic: #Gameof72

We offer this article as a warning to the future worried friends and family who may fall into panic, pushed by the antics of young, bored, thoughtless fiends.

Although sounding like the name of a puzzle-based blockbuster, ‘Game of 72’ borrows more from a combination of The Hangover, The Hobbit and Stand By Me.

The game capitalises on the fear storm whipped up by the player’s absence; the bigger the fuss, the higher the score. It would be easy to say that I can’t imagine why these children would put their friends and family through such torment for the sake of a game, such a blatant lack of empathy, heartless, thoughtless, reckless, cruel… blah blah blah. It’s definitely a really bad thing to do, but the fact is, as irresponsible as it may be, I can just about get my head around the drive to do it. 

Everybody can lean back into their adolescent years to recall some fad that was both dangerous and thrilling, and ultimately not worth the risk; who can hit the window hardest with a stone without it breaking? That thing where you took really deep breathes then someone pushes your chest; Prank phone calls; cherry door knocking; stealing the unnecessary; egging; trying unknown drugs found on the floor; smoking even though everyone told you not too for all the right reasons. The list goes on.

I think the only way to understand exactly why the boundaries we find in the world were put in place, is to test them, as safely as possible and hopefully conclude that their existence isn't arbitrary. And I think that is, for the most part, what we all do at some point or another, whether it’s reaching a chubby young finger into a fire or trying to carry four pints across a crowded bar.

This is by no means a justification, rather an explanation. What differentiates ‘Game of 72’ from the rest of these aging necessities is that its sole purpose is to breed panic. No one with the foresight to imagine the worry this game can cause could play with a clear conscience, which leads me to believe that anyone embarking upon this viral adventure is either: ignorant of the full extent of the consequences, or in need of the right kind of kindness.

So far there have been a few cases across the U.K, Canada, the U.S and France, none of which, fortunately, have ended badly.

So again, To the youth I urge you to stop this foolishness and go smash a window, pass a beer bottle between a group of four or something of the sort; to the parents keep a close eye and make sure your kids are only doing the stuff you secretly know about.

Leo Donnelly 
Ever wondered what would happen if you gave a half-crazed, semi-concussed, unstoppable maverick a platform to write about social media? Follow him @LeoAtSMF

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