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Move Over Bilzerian – Toutouni Makes Bid for Instagram Crown

The King is Dead, Long Live the King

We wrote back in January about self-proclaimed King of Instagram Dan Bilzerian, who has been delighting his 8.4 million followers with sordid snaps of half-naked women, stacks of cash and hordes of supercars for years now. He has been living the sort of lifestyle we all feel a little guilty about envying, and sharing every morally questionable moment of it online.

But one man’s reign cannot last forever, and it seems another may have risen to take his place.

Enter Tony Toutouni, 42 year old entrepreneur and personal friend of Bilzerian.

Toutouni has experienced a dramatic rise to fame through Instagram, amassing 924,000 followers in around eight months while posting under the handle @Lunatic_Living. He admits that it was actually Bilzerian that got him hooked on Instagram, which is immediately apparent upon seeing the similarities between their accounts. In a recent interview, Toutouni commented on the perceived rivalry:

“I don't want to compete with Dan but people are saying that I've grown dramatically and extremely fast I can tell you that. But Dan is actually a friend of mine and the whole Instagram thing started because he was posting on it. I saw that his Instagram following was growing pretty fast so I started doing it. The more I posted, the more people would tag and tag.”

Toutouni earned his fortune at a young age, purchasing a nightclub at the age of 19. Experiencing success with his first venture, he sold up and went on to invest in a multitude of car dealerships, restaurants and bars, growing each one significantly before selling them on for profit. He has also been active in politics recently, with his upbringing in Iraq before his family’s escape to the US in 1979 providing the motivation to try and help those suffering a similar plight under oppressive regimes.

Unfortunately for Toutouni, the kind of high profile lifestyle that he enjoys sharing on Instagram is always bound to attract some abuse. He has remarked himself about the angry messages he receives, condemning his lifestyle choices: “Sure I get hate on Instagram,” he states, “I have feminists who hate me with a passion and church people who want to cure me because I have 'issues'.”

However, it does seem that for every person eager to condemn Toutouni, there are more still who idolise him. It’s an age old mantra that ‘sex sells’, and both Toutouni and Bilzerian are living examples of that.

So who deserves the crown? Has Toutouni claimed the top prize or does Bilzerian still reign supreme?

Maybe you think neither of them deserve such recognition. In the long run, that's for the masses to decide.

Sam Bonson
Sam is an aspiring novelist with a passion for fantasy and crime thrillers. Currently working as Editor of this Blog, he hopes to one day drop that 'aspiring' prefix. Follow him @SamAtSMF

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