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Meerkat Turn to Facebook

Calling in the Cavalry

We were pretty heavily entrenched in the Meerkat/Periscope conflict which raged across the internet a few months ago. It’s not often you see a heavy hitter like Twitter obliterate a legitimate likely partner in such brutal and public fashion, but Meerkat interfered with Twitter’s own plans to introduce a live-streaming arm to their platform, so it had to be expunged.

Happily though, Meerkat appear to have rallied and have now partnered with Facebook to help them back into contention. The latest update to the app allows partnered promotional groups (as well as famous people who use it) to post streams on their respective Facebook feeds. It’s a small first step, but a significant one, given that Facebook have had no involvement with any live-streaming tools up to now.

It also means that Meerkat has made a completely clean break from Twitter. With this new update you don’t necessarily need a Twitter account to use the app (although you can still use one if you want), you can use a Facebook account instead.

Facebook were allegedly actively involved in this process. According to Meerkat CEO Ben Rubin, they answered some technical, integration-related questions while the update was being developed. No statement has been made about whether or not the compatibility will extend further still in the near future, but if they add the ability to link Facebook accounts to Meerkat generally and even stream video simultaneously through both, Periscope will really have something to sweat over.

I’d say it’s a likely outcome, Facebook aren’t the types to do things by halves and video streaming is prime real estate at the moment. Ultimately Meerkat are aiming to reach the stage where you don’t need parity with any other platform to make an account, just a phone number, that’s been their plan since the beginning. In the meantime though, capitalising on a partnership with Facebook would be wise. 

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