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Latest Facebook Craze to Set Users Ablaze Spreads Like Wild Fire

Here at Social Songbird, when we heard about “Game of 72” we thought it couldn’t get much worse.

We were wrong; friends and families you now have a new foe in the form of fire.

People now set themselves alight for likes. That’s right, the latest craze is to set your body ablaze and hope that somebody out there appreciates the sizzling of pink skin and what is probably the most dangerously efficient, stinking way to rid your body of hair.


Now there is a history behind this kind of behaviour, but it traditionally belongs to extreme acts of protest, torture or accident. However, this is done for entertainment, certainly not in protest or self-harm and, unfortunately, not by accident.  Just imagine walking into A&E on blistered feet, rosey red cheeks stretched tight into a shiny grimace, to tell the Doctor “I did this to myself, for no other reason than thoughtless mistake, basically I f***** up.”

Peer pressure is hard enough to deal with in a group of four or five, but now we have audiences as large as our social network. I’m not talking about the sort of peer pressure typified by wild-eyed teens chanting “Do it! Doooo it!” like an orgasm depends on it; I’m talking about the peer pressure of an audience. An audience begs for performance and the bigger the audience the more likely you are to set yourself on fire…


On a very serious note, the symbol of self-immolation is not one to be taken lightly. It represents oppression and sacrifice, causes so important one feels the need to take their own life with harrowing flames. To trivialise an action with a history littered with corpses and causes unthinkably dark is inflammatorily disrespectful, to say the least.   

Hopefully this will all fizzle out pretty soon. Facebook and Youtube have promised to remove the videos, and more and more people are protesting these challenges, I’d even go as far as to say that they’re not even cool anymore.

Caution: The Video below contains Strong Language.

Leo Donnelly 
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