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From One Ryan to Another: Gosling Pays Tribute to Cereal Superstar.


Today Ryan Gosling has paid tribute to the man-somewhat-responsible for a large part of the cult internet following obsessed with the star’s portrayed disdain for cereal.

Over the last two years Ryan McHenry has suffered cancer smiling. Having been diagnosed only six months after the original release of the instant cereal sensation, McHenry has maintained a strong grip on social media, grinning through his treatment and keeping the public hooked on the phenomenon that is Gosling’s dirty aversion to Wake-Me-Up sustenance.

Fans have been entertained by McHenry since day one, watching as he dominated the niche that is celebrity cereal hate. In 2013 Ryan (Mc) was recovering from a bid (in the form of a leg operation) to rid himself of the rare and tenacious osteosarcoma, a form of bone cancer, notorious for its aggressively rapid spread. 

In tribute to his recent work, fans and friends online managed to raise $10,000 to aid his recovery and help smooth the transition from his operating bed back to normality. All this was done in the good-hearted hope that he would carry on spilling smiles and laughter throughout the internet.

Sadly, like so many similar stories, Ryan McHenry didn't outlast his condition, and passed away over the weekend. Respectfully, as not to trivialise the situation, Gosling provided friends, fans and family with the final chapter of the will he/won’t he cereal saga, and this morning his spoon met mouth.

He opened his mouth in a silent and simple surrender, letting enter the silver spoon that pooled the moon-white milk, flecked with the now famous corn-gold flakes, creating a tasteful and apt finale for the furiously funny franchise. He also paired a touching message with his tribute, one from the heart that will not be forgotten.

In memory of the meme king’s ability to tap into the trivial and turn it into universal, thigh-slapping laughter, friends of Ryan McHenry have set up a just giving page to support future sufferers of the disease that tried and failed to steal a man’s smile.  

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