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Firefox For iOS Begins Its Beta Testing Program


Mozilla’s Firefox had said that it wouldn’t release a version of Firefox for iOS because Apple wouldn’t allow it to use it’s own web engine. However, the organisation changed it's tune and announced it’s in the early stages of testing a browser that would offer a “Firefox-like experience” for iOS users.

Spotted by TechCrunch, there’s now an invite request page asking for a few details if you want a chance at testing it out. To be a potential tester, you need to be a proficient iOS app user and have an iPhone / iPad running iOS 8 or newer. Testers have been notified that the beta will “have some bugs and break at times” hence why they are testing – duh!


This must mean the dynamo company that refuses to get rich, has to be close to finishing. Firefox for iOS will simply be a UI slapped on top of WebKit and Nitro JavaScript engine and will offer a number of features, like support for Firefox accounts, bookmark-syncing tools, ect.

Firefox’s open-source software allowed independent developers, scattered across the globe, to pitch in and create add-ons that speed up downloads, blocked unwanted ads and other useful services, on a shoestring budget. Ultimately making Firefox Internet browser the top choice in countries ranging from Indonesia to Germany.

But the companies’ release of the new app comes at a time when their market share value has dropped. Mainly because most of the world spends more time on mobile devices than computers.

According to StatCounter, on desktop, Firefox has 18.27% share, just behind IE’s 19.85% share and well below Chrome’s 52.96% share. Whereas on mobile the leading browsers are Safari, Chrome and the Android browser, Firefox just registers with 0.58%, according to NetApplications.

But it’s move to releasing Firefox OS, an open-source mobile operating system, has not managed to attract significant market share but with iOS, Firefox plans to appeal to more consumers who want more privacy control over access to their private data.

Unfortunately, the sign-up page has closed and now shows the message: “We’re sorry, but we are no longer accepting new iOS Pre-Release candidates at this time. If you’re interested in getting the inside scoop on Firefox for iOS, sign-up for our mailing list at the following address: www.mozilla.org/US/newsletter/ios/”.

Firefox has yet to announce it's release of the new Firefox iOS.

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