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Facebook Messenger video chat is here!!

So Facebook have rolled out this fab new feature for its’ Messenger App and users have already made over 1 million video calls in its first 2 days!  Wow, we think this is going to take the younger users by storm, as that is primarily where it's aimed at. The user base for messenger is already 600 million, although there is limited availability, but despite this, it will be sure to be a wide success based on its launch results so far.

source: Facebook.com
 Stan Chudnovsky -Head of Product, has reportedly said how happy they are with the progress, well who wouldn’t be! 

Facebook introduced Messenger way back in April last year, and already it accounts for 10% of all VoIP calls worldwide, as stated by Facebook themselves. It was so popular, that they rolled out the same feature to WhatsApp earlier on this year. 

Now, what a time to launch this, as it joins some great new services already sneaking onto the market. Have you heard of Periscope and Meerkat? No? Well don’t worry, they are less than three months old, but they are already proving popular which has indicated how live video could really hit the big time, this time around. Smart phones now dominate the market and with ever improving faster mobile internet speeds, there should be no stopping this great new technology.

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