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Venus vs Mars: From YouTube to Sky in the Blink of an Eye


Stereotypes are a tricky thing to talk about, but their absence has brought nothing but success to the creators of comic drama Venus vs Mars, a series Youtube-born and soon to be televised by Sky.

Acting in defiance to the globally type casted roles of BAME actors (Black, Asian and minority ethnic), Venus vs Mars employs a majority ethnic cast, creating characters more clearly reflecting current times in their rebellion against negative stereotypes.

The show began as six part YouTube series, and after millions of views, and tenacious marketing by writer Baby Isako, it was picked up by Sky Living, airing for the first time on the 9th April. Although this is not the first time we have witnessed the transition from online success to fully fledged celebrity, this particular case is unique, in that it has maintained the principles that once made it exclusive to the medium of YouTube. So far, it looks as if the show has done the opposite to “Selling out” and addressed a problem in the lack of role diversity for BAME actors, and sold it to be solved by the mainstream media.

Produced by the similarly striving PurpleGeko Media, a young company hosting talent from the likes of Kidulthood and Adulthood, the series looks to open a door for the BAME community in showing broadcasters that there is a large and growing audience ready and waiting to view humour and flair in fair cultural representations.

YouTube is a fantastic platform for aspiring artists and creators, where, if the hard work is put in, high quality content and free outreach to an ever growing audience is ripe for the plucking. Venus vs Mars exemplifies this American Dream, with Sky only having to re-shoot one third of the originally released series which was filmed using the most basic equipment. This, Chief executive Victor Adebodun, claims was down to savvy camera editing, coming only at the cost of time and persistence, something which all motivated minds own in abundance.

So support the cause and have a watch. Even if it’s not for you, know that their hearts and efforts are firmly in the right place, and that the more programs to follow in their footsteps will mean a shorter journey to a more accurately portrayed world. 

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