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Twitter Trade In Discover Tab for Better Trending

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The discover tab has been around for a while now, but somehow I doubt anyone’s going to be breaking out the black armbands when it goes. The idea behind it was to create a sister-feed to your normal one, more streamlined and based around your activity data rather than regulated by you personally. It’s a neat idea, but it didn’t exactly set the world on fire. That’s probably why Twitter are getting rid.

So if Discover is being axed, what’s going to fill the void it will leave on the top navigation bar? Well, nothing, in the literal sense, no specific tab is being brought in to take its place, instead a new, enhanced trends function is being brought in to help the platform become just a little bit more intuitive.

The Tailored Trends function has been with us for a few years now, but with this latest update users who have it switched on will see descriptions affixed to each trend which explain what they are. For example, you might see #JFT96 on the list of trending topics, with this new function, if you took a closer look you would be informed that JFT96 is an acronym of ‘Justice For The 96’, a referenced to the 1989 Hillsborough disaster, which was 25 years ago today (April 15th).

Currently the feature is only available to U.S. users but Twitter are planning on gradually expanding it out until it’s universal. More than anything else, this is likely a gambit by the micro blogging behemoth to start reeling in new, somewhat less web-savvy users who might previously been frightened away by all the hashtag newspeak and whatnot. 

Beyond this, you’ll also be shown related topics, posts by friends relating to the trend (which might help extend your comprehension in the end) and other relevant content, making Twitter an even broader news and research platform than it already was.

Callum Davies

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