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Track Your Team with this Twitter Premier League Support Map


The eggheads at Twitter HQ must get bored between mopping up controversy fallout and finding promising tech start-ups to buy (or annihilate, situation depending). If this new project of theirs is a result of excess downtime, they’ve used it wisely. Using information about user statistics and follower figures, they have built an interactive map showing which EPL teams have the strongest support in different parts of the world.

Some of the information on display might surprise you. Before looking at the map, I’d have said that Man Utd are probably the most strongly supported team worldwide and whilst Twitter activity doesn’t actually speak for general support figures, it looks like Arsenal have a very strong global following, particularly in the USA and Japan. Chelsea has an understandably strong foothold in South America and much of Western Europe, whilst Man Utd dominates India.

The map is organised by something called ‘hexagonal binning’, which essentially divides each country into even hexagonal regions, which has the interesting side effect of making it look like the computer version of Risk from the late 90s. Make of that what you will. The map becomes more detailed the further in you zoom, but currently only the UK offers scalable, local neighbourhood searching.

This is perhaps more interesting as an example of how well teams publicise themselves on social media than anything else. As mentioned, Arsenal seem to have amassed a fair impressive worldwide following, but in the UK Liverpool are far and away the most dominant club. Weirdly, they have also accrued a majority hold in Norway, Iceland and Thailand. They also have strong support in Uruguay, but that’s likely because of Suarez, even though he plays for Barcelona now.

There are still a lot of blank patches on the map and it would be interesting to see a similar version pertaining to the champion’s league, but for now at least Olivier Giroud knows that if he fancies a stateside vacation he should go to Orlando, but definitely not New Mexico.

Callum Davies

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