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Tinder Hack Proves You Never Know Who You’re Talking To

We’re all guilty of it. We can all be a little too trusting at times. But mistakes can be made, especially in the world of Tinder where there are men and women round every corner driven by their sexual cravings.

However, a recent hack performed by a computer engineer in California has proven once and for all, that you just don’t know who you’re talking to when you’re online. “How?” I hear you ask! Simply by hooking heterosexual men up with other heterosexual men and not telling them.

The Californian made a couple of female “bait” profiles, which, when liked by a male would set them up with another male who has also liked the same profile. Unaware, they have been paired up with another man, they begin to flirt. This is where the madness ensues.

Both have seen the same profile, seen the same pictures and know the same name. They hit on each other, discuss the beauty they’re both seeing in the pictures, arrange to meet up, talk dirty and hardly ever realise what is going on… 


Tinder is notoriously easy to hack. In 2013 there was a loophole that revealed users’ locations to within 100 feet, great for all the stalkers out there. 

But at least this hack is (sort of) teaching people a lesson. Firstly, it’s drumming home that you can’t take who people say they are for granted. It’s also, hopefully, teaching the men out there that coming on a bit strong can have negative side effects.

Apparently, the hacker started the experiment after many of his female friends had felt offended/abused by men on Tinder, who are often pushing the limits for what? For fun, because they’re sick, because they’re real-mega-horny? Who knows? 

The hacker said he was overseeing 40 conversations just in the first 12 hours. But at least he was a polite hacker: he developed code to scramble phone numbers and always stepped in when a face to face meeting was imminent. He says “They ignore all the signs, they ignore all the weird things.”

These exploits simply reveal how desperate some of these men are (and perhaps if the role was reversed some women would be the same, we don’t know). Looking at the conversations, there are red flags that indicate these "gents" are not speaking to women, yet they are blinded by their sex drive.

See a copy of a conversation below, where both men talk about the same "hot as hell" pics: 


Megan Herdson
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