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The Best of Earth Day 2015 on Social Media

I know, I know, it’s got a silly name, every day on Earth is Earth day, in that it is an Earth day, the Earth has completed one full revolution and come one 365th closer to hurtling around the sun again. Putting that nitpick aside though, Earth Day is a great opportunity to take stock of all the natural wonder around us, as well as raising environmental awareness and promoting science.

As ever, social media is an ideal tool to get that message out there and various sites, platforms and companies have rolled up this year equipped with clever campaigns to help remind everyone just how amazing this big floating rock of ours really is and how they can help keep it that way.

Earth Day Network
It makes sense to begin with the source. The Earth Day Network (who work through the official Earth Day site) are running a quiz which challenges people to calculate their environmental footprint. You pick your location and gradually, via a flash game, you answer questions about food consumption, travel, the kind of products you buy and everything else you do with a pronounced environmental effect. Based on those parameters you are given a rating which you are invited to pledge to improve, and then encourage others to do the same.

Being that they are availed of some of the most incredible photographic technology in the world, some of it orbital, some of it land-based, NASA have shared some pretty astonishing pictures in the past and now they’re encouraging you to do the same. Under the #NoPlaceLikeHome hashtag, they have been sharing incredible views on Earth from various angles and asking everyone to upload images of their favourite places across the world. It’s simple, but elegant.

Google were never not going to get their eye in with this one. If you visit the home page today you’ll be treated to a revolving impression of our home planet in place of the Os. If you click it you’ll be redirected to a Buzzfeed-esque quiz inviting you to figure out which animal you would be if you weren’t human. Apparently I’d be a woolly mammoth. I’m alright with that. Once completed you have the option of sharing the result.

The National Grid
Hashtag based sweepstakes are becoming more popular and it’s hardly surprising considering how effective they have the potential to be. The National Grid obviously recognise that because they’re asking their customers to pledge ways to be more environmentally friendly under the #GridGoesGreen banner. Participants are entered into a draw that will run consistently until the end of June, with the chance of winning substantial energy price discounts, whilst also working to help save the planet.

Levi Strauss
This one actually kicked off on World Water Day, which should give you an inkling of just what kind of campaign it is. The company is encouraging people to take an online quiz which will determine their water usage (mostly in terms of washing) and then, based on the results, pledge to use less via social media. Clothes washing is one of the biggest causes of water waste in the world, so it’s good to see such a big, influential company making a point of raising awareness and calling for action.

Callum Davies

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