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The 5 best reasons to say #IAmAScientistBecause

Social Media and Science – that’s a combination which isn’t often heard together, unless you want to get back into the science of the dress… However, over the last few days the Science side of Twitter has seen a sudden surge in the form of #IAmAScientistBecause.


The last time Scientists saw any Viral Media they were discussing H1N1, so anything that takes a light look at the pros of being a scientist, without all the gloom and doom of a porky apocalypse, is certainly a step in the right direction. 
Not being a regular writer for this blog, but as the Offices' resident Scientist I was compelled to write about the 5 best reasons I have seen for people being Scientists.
So the first one I saw upon waking up - and it's quite possibly most people's favourite:

We're far from still being in the Age of Enlightenment but discoveries are being made at an incredible pace. I can't open my Facebook page nowadays without having amazing inventions being screamed at me by my most loved Science pages.
The second is certainly for the optimists:
We don't know what Dark Matter is... yet.
The Third is a feeling I miss from my University Lab Days:
The Safety Goggle's aren't as comfortable however!
Now, I have a lot of job flexibility - like being allowed to write articles about Science instead of focusing on my set 9-5 - but this next one is definitely perk for when I move back into a Science Career:
Picking a final Tweet is certainly difficult, mainly because I can't spend too much time on twitter without becoming caught up in the kind words, inspirational stories, and the amazing pictures people have been posting from their field work. Finally I settled on this one:
This might be one of my favourites because it demonstrates that Science doesn't just change the lives of the millions of people it helps with new discoveries - but also the Scientists.
I know Science changed my life - after all #IAmAScientistBecause I want to save the world. Not many other professions let you enter with the same motives as your favourite Comic Book Hero.

Adam Coster

This is what happens when a recent Human Biology and Psychology graduate, now pursuing a career in Engineering, is allowed to write for a Social Media Blog. Not a regular writer but managed to refrain from not placing as many cat pictures as he did in his dissertation. Follow him at @AdamAtSMF

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