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Students-Of.com: Hear the Students' Voice behind your Institution of Choice

In a search to unearth the student voice of Universities around the globe, the website Students-Of.com has emerged. The social media venture began with a Facebook page created to Share the ideas and experiences of students attending the multifaceted Cambridge University. 

In true Zuckerberg style the platform expanded from its source and now hosts 12 universities on the up and coming, ever growing website.

It is reported that the project was founded as a tool to disassemble the stereotypes surrounding Oxbridge students. The aim was to give not just a face, but a voice to those who felt misrepresented by their institutions of higher education. A great idea, especially if the focus is trained on fanning away the foggy mystique that rests on top of the moats circling many Russell group institutions. I think, for the most part, broadcasting the voices of students should result in a truer, widespread understanding of the “Uni” lifestyle. True transparency would help in showing the world the sometimes arbitrary nature of higher education, creating a clearer picture of the value of varying skillsets, as opposed to heightening the pedestals Students-Of.com aim to abolish.

Unfortunately, the website’s content slightly betrays the altruistic nature of their pursuit. In the About section they state:

We aim to be a centralised platform for worldwide student representation and expression. University students make the next generation of politicians, entrepreneurs, visionaries and artists. We put a face to those who have something to offer, and those who will shape the future.

It would be too strong to call this slip-up hypocrisy, but the self-indulgent, elitist use of the education system’s internal meritocracy cannot be ignored. The first sentence could be lifted straight from the Facebook blueprint in all its smiles and sunshine. What follows, however, is hard to stomach. It’s probably fair to say that the next generation of Politicians will emerge, squeaky clean, from one of the participating institutions, but that’s a whole other problem in itself. To propose that the titles Entrepreneur, Visionary and Artist are exclusive to graduates is exceedingly arrogant,
if not foolishly misguided.

News outlets have famously pounced on every chance to try and shame Cambridge students in the act of having fun in excess, in the hope of capturing a politician to-be’s poor and unruly behaviour. The daily mail is particularly, and predictably, guilty of this, so if the aim Students-Of.com is to to oppose them then good for them!

The website is still in its early stages, so tweaks should (hopefully) be expected. They clearly have some sense of good direction, demonstrated in the promotion of recorded student conversations on important and relevant topics such as race and gender (I am directly referring to a discourse recorded for their SOTalks section).  

So watch out, or jump aboard to aid direction, because pretty soon all of our Universities may have their very own Students-Of page, leaving behind no fusty coat of arms to hide behind and protect the opinions of noisy, voiceless students. Let’s hope once revealed, the public appreciates the happy faces of those once hidden.

Leo Donnelly 
Ever wondered what would happen if you gave a half-crazed, semi-concussed, unstoppable maverick a platform to write about social media? Follow him @LeoAtSMF

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