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Snapchat Introduce Friend Emojis


Snapchat have been examining different ways of making the app more like a social network in its own right. Up until recently, this included a ‘Best Friends’ function which listed all the people who snapped with you most frequently. It wasn’t anything earth-shattering, but it did the job. Now though, they’ve thrown that out in favour of something a little bit more complicated, and cutesy.

Depending on whose snap you’re looking at, little ‘Friend Emoji’ symbols will appear. A smile corresponds to a close friend, someone you snap to most frequently. Fire indicates that you’re on a hot streak with the other person, it will also show how many days you’ve both been consistently snapping back and forth for. Sunglasses indicate that you have a mutual close friend, a smirk shows that while you’re one of the people they snap to the most, it doesn’t go both ways. A gold heart is reserved for your #1 best friend and a gritted teeth icon indicates that you and the other snapper both share the same #1 best friend.

That might seem like a lot to process, but in short, it means that only you will be able to see who you snap most frequently with, rather than a list being readily available to anyone who looks at your profile, as before. If you’re struggling to get your head around the system, you can peep the instruction manual if you open the app, go to ‘discover’ and look at the Snap Channel feed.

Meanwhile, on the friends list they’ve added a ‘Needs Love’ section which corresponds to people who you had previously been snapping to a lot but not so much recently. The app developers seem to be pretty intent on keeping friendships alive. On the more technical side of things, they’ve also added in a low-light function. When taking a snap in dark places, a little moon icon will appear to enable said function, which is a welcome addition, the Snapchat in-app camera struggled noticeably with low light previously.

Little additions like these serve to make Snapchat more versatile, but they also make it a more universal social tool, rather than just a fun little curio (albeit a very, very popular curio). The Friend Emoji function also gamifies it a little bit more, encouraging you to snap more frequently with specific people.

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