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Periscope Strikes Back Against Troll Epidemic

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After only having been live for a matter of weeks, Twitter’s video-streaming weapon-of-choice has been overrun with nasty trolls. Sadly, though perhaps not unsurprisingly, the majority of the unpleasant comments on feeds are directed at women, and relate to their physical appearance.

Twitter can't seem to catch a break with this kind of thing at the moment, having weathered a massive storm of issues owing to abuse, photo-leaking and general horribleness on their main platform recently, resulting in several famous names walking away from the site for good.

With that in mind, they aren’t pulling any punches this time around. Periscope has already received several significant updates since being released, with all of them allowing broadcasters more control over their feeds. The crux of this is a new ‘follower only’ mode which prohibits anyone but people you follow from commenting on your feed. All anyone else can do is send hearts, which makes it pretty hard to be cruel, unless you know that the uploader had a heart attack recently and you want to call attention to it.

It’s also easier now to block people from a stream, should you choose to make it more publically available for whatever reason. Additionally, Periscope will aumtomatically disable comments on any feed that gets too cluttered. That’s a bit of a double-edged sword, since it might end up tempering perfectly legitimate discussions on popular video feeds. This is all just testament to the fact that Periscope is still very much in the developmental stage of its life, Twitter will have to beat back a lot of niggling issues as it matures, so in that regard it’s good that they figured out a serviceable way to disarm the trolls this early on in the game, before any really horrendous abuse had a chance to start bubbling up.

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