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LinkedIn Launch ‘Elevate’ Social Media App

Linking and Lifting

Not content with just being one of the most popular, comprehensive networking platforms online, LinkedIn have started branching out into other avenues. They recently purchased Lynda.com, a learning site featuring tutorial programs for HTML, CSS, Photoshop, basic and numerous other things in a bid to add an educational arm to their load-out and now they’ve launched Elevate, an App geared towards social media management.

The paid service has been piloting under the radar since the beginning of the year and now it’s started casting a wider net. So what exactly is it? Well essentially, it suggests articles and posts to users based on accumulated data and enable post scheduling and sharing across social media platforms. Currently it’s only built to interface with LinkedIn and Twitter but the aim is to expand it to Facebook and everything else.

The plan is to make the app generally available by Q3 of this year, since the app will be marketed both to professionals and casual users willing to spend a little extra money for an enhanced experience. For the former, it will be a way of keeping their company’s numerous social media profiles active and posting relevant content whilst for the latter the appeal comes from having a system that delivers all the content directly to you, without having to seek it out.

The other big thing is stat tracking. Knowing how much engagement your company’s profiles are getting across various platforms makes it that much easier to regulate what the profiles are posting and when according to what will get the best response. The fact that it’s combined with LinkedIn means that business networking, job offers and other related services are integrated into it from the get-go.

The other advantage of an app like this coming from LinkedIn is that making connections is such an instrumental part of the service. The more active you are the more connections you make and being able to tailor and regulate your activity on the platform so easily will be extremely tantalising. 

Callum Davies

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