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Lily Allen Goes After Tidal

Jay Z’s new Spotify competitor, Tidal, has already come under fire from some journalistic sources, but most fellow big name artists have been fairly supportive. Not Lily Allen, who went on a pretty sizeable Twitter rant against the platform, listing several potential pitfalls.

In particular she made the point that the high subscription fees would drive people towards pirate and torrenting sites, making life difficult for up and coming artists, the ones in real need of the revenue. She went on to suggest that Spotify wasn’t ‘the enemy of the artist’ and that musicians had to ‘adapt as the world and technology advances’.

This isn’t exactly the first time Allen has gone on the offensive with regards to music distribution. During her appearance on The Big Fat Quiz of the Year on Channel 4 a few years ago she went on a minor tirade against Radiohead in the wake of their decision to release their latest album with a ‘pay-what-you-want’ scheme. She described the scheme as arrogant and questioned why buyers should be allowed to name their price.

On Twitter though, Allen has been embroiled in numerous feuds surrounding issues great and small. She bickered with Cheryl Cole over seemingly nothing, fought with Azalea Banks over comments she made about her family, Katy Perry for making a somewhat misjudged comment about her weight and various others, she doesn’t take prisoners.

Jay Z is unlikely to lose any sleep over it, the exclusive content is likely to keep people interested in the new platform, but there’s weight behind Lily’s criticisms. While he might claim that Tidal isn’t out to pick a fight with Spotify, it still feels pretty reductive to put subscription-dependant out there when free access to music is so readily available. Don’t expect Joe Camel to hit back, but also don’t be surprised if Tidal starts weathering flak from elsewhere as well. 

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