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Kifi – Build Your Own Personal Twitter Archive

Selective Memory


Have you ever remembered a link you posted on Twitter a while back, but found yourself unable to find it? Sure, if you scrolled back far enough through your feed you’d probably get there eventually but it would eat up a lot of time, if it didn’t end up crashing your web browser. Well, then you need Kifi in your life.

Based in California, this startup aims to make user access to relevant content that much easier. As their about page points out, it’s very easy to publish content that interests you, but not so easy to find it. The way it works is that once you have the web/mobile app, every tweet posted is indexed, both the text and the actual link content.

Information sharing on social media is so rapid and changeable that it’s really easy to miss things and have no real way of finding them again. Twitter is a time-based feed and most of the time you’re only ever getting the most recent information. By quietly running in the background, Kifi makes sure that if you do need to go back and look at anything, it’s quick and easy.

Beyond just keeping all your posts archived though, Kifi finds related material to recommend, tracks others with similar interests and organises suggested search material into a word cloud. These are the kind of functions you tend to find on music recommendation sites like tastekid and 8tracks, applying them to Twitter is a very novel, effective idea.

There’s also a browser extension (currently only for Chrome) which can relay you back to any link you’ve ever tweeted. It will also throw out recommendations based on what you’re Googling, ie if you run a search for ‘lucid dreams’ Kifi will suggest tweeted content in that area that falls within your purview.

It’s still very much in its infancy, with the main functionality only having been working for a few months, but it could well become an essential app for many people, especially those with a significant need for online research. I certainly could have used something like that when I wrote my dissertation. Theory books are really heavy. 

Callum Davies

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