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Introducing ‘Backup Memory’ – Samsung's App for Alzheimer’s Patients

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There are myriad ways that smartphone technology can be implemented medically. They can be used to monitor heart-rate, diabetes, help keep medication schedules organised and help the hearing impaired. Now, with help from the Tunisian Alzheimer’s Association, Samsung have developed an app purpose designed to help people with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia keep memories from slipping away too quickly.

With Alzheimer’s disease, memories fade and never return, it’s a slow, excruciating process that can go on for decades as the brain deteriorates. There’s plenty of important research into the disease happening across the world, but patients will likely appreciate anything that helps make the memory less a bit less acute. 

That’s the aim with Backup Memory. Whilst active, the app will connect with family members (who also have it active) up to 33ft away and display images and information about the patient’s relationship with them. In this way, the app provides a kind of memory stimulant to help patients feel more at ease around their loved ones and have a fall-back when their minds struggle to bring things to the surface. It’s not necessarily a form of treatment, but it’s an elegant source of comfort for people who need all the help they can get.

Beyond that though, it’s a launchpad to greater things. Backup Memory was developed in Tunisia and it’s just now going into wider circulation, having just become available on Google Play. Samsung are already working on adding a GPS component so that users can track the location of family members as well as just access images and general information. 

Even with those improvements in the pipeline, it’s still a very basic app, with wide-bearing, exciting possibilities for future enhancement. Hopefully as it continues to gain ground, it will influence other developers to set their sights on other ways to use app technology to help people with neurological diseases. 

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