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"I Wish My Teacher Knew..." - One Dedicated Teacher's Inspired Assignment


With hindsight, there are a lot of things we wish our younger selves could have had the guts and articulation to tell our teachers. The problem is that nothing we think we should have said would be as authentic as saying something, in your own words, at the time. As we grow older our world changes, our priorities change, we become more confined by the way the world works, even our language changes; the way we perceive, internalise and explain the world expands with vocabulary and contracts with confusion, we can never see the world as it was in the past. So for a teacher to hear something truly meaningful from a student, they must challenge them to express themselves in the here and now.

Social media has lifted Kyle Schwartz upon its shoulders in celebration of her foresight, as she gave her students a gentle push towards painting a picture of the world they live in.

The teacher from Denver, Colorado kindly assigned her 3rd grade students to anonymously submit the completion of the sentence beginning “I wish my Teacher knew….”. Now before hearing about this I assumed she would have been flooded with entries like “…I am passionately in love with her” or “…that homework sucks”. But in my increasing age I trivialised the real issues surrounding 8-9 year-olds, and the true results were raw, mature and sad. However through them shines a light, their youth paired with their problems being shared means that they have time and support on their side.

Problems like these are simple for Kyle to fix. However some can't be solved by providing a pencil, and take the care and cherishing support she has proved she's willing to provide so many times. Just getting to know the student's home lives helps her to teach and treat the student in the way they need.

Although, not all problems have to be solved by the teacher. Students who felt confident were encouraged to share their thoughts, and in this case their classmates took care of the problem all by themselves. We have been assured that this kid hasn't spent one lunchtime alone since!

This exercise is searing through the world of education, with 17 schools across America embracing the “I wish my teacher knew…” homework assignment.

It’s great to see a teacher who so obviously cares about her students. The fame of her tweets alone has brought the children an education-full of opportunity within the space of only a few months. They have had a book donation box designed for the school, which encourages the public to rehome well-loved books in the arms of education, and even had a visit from inspiring Author, Ted-Talker, and Illustrator Jarrett J. Krosoczka. (Below)

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