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Edinburgh Police Take to Twitter to Raise Awareness About Burglary… Using Lego


This has to be one of the most inventive (and adorable) Twitter campaigns I think I’ve ever encountered, and it deals with a distinctly serious subject. Edinburgh West Police have started using their Twitter page to publish an episodic awareness campaign about ways to keep your home protected from burglary.

Each Tweet is formatted like a classic-form Scottish poem and is accompanied with a photograph of a Lego diorama. Part of the reasoning behind this is that Lego is pretty universally recognisable, but also because it’s just a light-hearted, instantly memorable way of conveying information that needs to be signal boosted. Supposedly Edinburgh has been dealing with a slew of breaking-and-entering cases of late so this is probably a part of their strategy to combat it, but the information conveyed is useful to any and everyone.

This isn’t the first police force to catch the wider attention due to social media savvyness. The Isles of Scilly police force recently got a fair amount of attention for having an astonishingly wonderful Facebook page. Amongst the highlights is a gripping story about a fried egg mysteriously appearing at the scene of a shed burglary and the introduction of their departmental crime fighting cat, Mowgli.

Along with the Lego campaign, the police force are running local awareness seminars and just generally increasing personnel on patrol. Other public services could learn a great deal from campaigns such as these, it might seem silly but all the pertinent information is present and correct and you aren’t likely to forget it in a hurry. Follow the department’s Twitter if you want a little more constructive info in your feed (GET IT!?). 

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