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Dolmio Claims Back Dinnertime

Dolmio, the Italian-themed pasta sauce brand, has always been about family. Their adverts have featured the same extended family for many years and they say “that meals shared with family and friends are cherished moments.” 

With this in mind, they have started a new campaign in an attempt to reclaim family dinner times from technology, by doing a Durex style “Switch Off to Switch On” advert. 

The video from Dolmio Australia was inspired by recent research that proves 69% of Australian households have witnessed an argument as a result of technology being used at the dinner table. The bratty children in the video push their parents, won’t help set the table and are too busy being mesmerized by their iPads and iPhones. 

Dolmio introduce a pepper grinder to help, but not an ordinary pepper grinder… the Pepper Hacker has a secret feature. With one sharp twist, TVs, WiFi and mobile devices are shut down for 30 minutes, just enough time for supper! 

These Pepper Hackers were given to a few “frustrated mothers” and then the families’ reactions were filmed in secret.

More tantrums ensued as the teenagers and children (and sometimes husbands) couldn’t work what was wrong with their devices. But then, as if by magic, peace is restored and the family came together, “because when families disconnect, they connect,” says the campaign.

This is yet another guilt-tripping video that is highlighting how we over-use technology. Although this video isn’t quite as poignant as the Durex one, I stand by it; it holds a lot of truth.
If only they could give more mothers the actual Pepper Hacker, instead of just sharing the video around, but alas that will have to do.
Watch the video online here:


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