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Cortex – Giving Social Media a Brain


It’s hard to keep track of all the various tech start-ups gaining notoriety across the planet at the moment. New ideas for apps and social media components are flaring up everywhere, from the sublime to the ridiculous.Cortex though, an initiative started up by Boston-based team Pandemic Labs, this one demands your attention.

The business world is changing rapidly with the advent of social media and it is becoming imperative that companies and clients alike understand it. Often that can be difficult, with many people still being rooted in the old ways, unwilling to move forward or just unsure how. That’s where Cortex comes in; it gives your social media toolbox a brain of its very own.

Using state of the art AI technology, Cortex learns about the needs and targets of the social media arm of whatever brand or firm you affix it to and then builds a set of guidelines for the company to follow. The results are based on all kinds of information about user engagement, web traffic and SEO. It’s not 100% accurate any more than you can predict the weather, but insight-based analytics are already paramount to digital marketing and Cortex provides a method of compiling them that bypasses the need to have one or several human brains retaining all that crucial information.

When you start throwing the term ‘AI’ around, things can get a little bit unsettling. Steven Hawking recently warned that the advent of AI might lead to the demise of mankind, as we edge perilously closer to creating a form of intelligence that actually exceeds our own. Cortex won’t be it, I can tell you that for free, all it really does in essence is remove an obstacle, compiling and contextualising analytical information is busy-work, it’s not difficult but it’s highly time consuming, Cortex can do it faster and more easily than people can. 

According to Pandemic Labs, Cortex could save companies around 7 hours per user per week.
Plenty of analytic platforms already exist to help companies with this sort of thing, but none of them are fuelled by anything as advanced as AI. “They have no incentive to simplify social media marketing” Founder Matt Peters said in a press release, “Due to Cortex’s AI, our customers know that competitors will be watched, content will be promoted, and posts will be executed optimally across their social platforms - all automatically.”

The start-up already has $500,000 worth of financial backing behind it and several heavyweight investors, and now that they’ve started speaking to the press, they can likely expect even more capital to start rolling in. This could very well revolutionise the way digital marketing works.

Callum Davies

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