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Clarks Use WhatsApp for New Ad Campaign


Companies are getting more creative with their advertising platforms with each passing day, particularly in terms of apps. Snapchat, Instagram and other picture and video-based platforms are becoming increasingly prevalent, but now Clarks have moved into even more unusual territory: WhatsApp.

Users will be invited to add a specific number to their WhatsApp contacts. Once they’ve done that, they will receive a series of messages (incorporating text, photographs and videos) which detail the history of the desert boot, which has been around for 65 years now. 

The history is recounted from the perspective of 4 people: Nathan Clark, the man who popularised the boot, Steve Barrow, a pioneer of the mod scene, Bruno Barbey, a Parisian photographer who was there to witness the student riots and reggae musician Stitch.

Each person recounts a different chapter of the boot’s history and cultural context. The desert boot isn’t necessarily directly associated with Clarks anymore, which probably explains the thinking behind the campaign, they are using state-of-the-art advertising techniques to reclaim the brand. In recent years Clarks have definitely been more of an under-the-radar company, so it’s interesting to see them trying out something like this.

WhatsApp haven’t exactly had a warm attitude towards advertisers  and up until recently had an absolute zero-allowance policy on it. But that was before Facebook bought them for $19 billion. Clarks aren’t the first company to use the messaging app to advertise, Rare Pink, for instance, used WhatsApp as a platform to showcase its diamonds and tailor Roberto Revilla uses it to maintain a dialogue with his clients. A universal messaging app as popular as WhatsApp is has all kinds of applications for advertisers and now that things are opening up we’ll doubtlessly start to see more examples.

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