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A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words, New Poster App Super Doesn't Stop Talking

‘A picture speaks a thousand words’; this is the birthplace of, new social media app, Super, an idea that allows us to paint and post a thousand words - plus a few of our own - on an un-scrolled screen. Biz Stone, co-founder of Twitter, has bestowed a new app upon the social media market. Inspired by the art work of BarbaraKruger, he wishes this new project to breed empathy where before lay communication lacking in all but words.

In an interview with the BBC, stone opened with the profound observation that when something is fun, it makes people more likely to use it, once a lot of people start using it, it becomes important. This idea is his starting point, and so his creation is purely focused on being fun to look at and fun to use. He goes on to highlight the importance of the “nuances” of interface, and believes the picture based art work of Super will work to compensate for the lack of the unspoken language spoken in face to face conversation, which has been lost in online communication.


The new app’s name derives from its first stage of use, where the user is given one of eleven pre-set SUPER-latives from which to inspire their creative communication. Users can choose to post as themselves or ‘anonym-ishly’, which means your post will be published anonymously, but will not be immune to deduction; If you only follow one person, you’ll know that all the posts you view will be by them, anonymous or not.  

It’s hard to guess whether Super will be a flash in the pan or here to stay. It certainly seems to have the best team for job driving it forward, so now, I guess it’s down to us. More and more people are realising the limits of language (There are so many of them!), and so maybe Super has popped up at the right time, to offer us one of a few truly universal languages: Pictures. If anything, this new apps potential success may help in preventing the progress of the modern hieroglyph which is the emoticon.

Leo Donnelly 

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