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Tinder Plus is Already Burning Out

Oh Tinder, when will you learn?


Nobody was exactly standing up and applauding when Tinder announced that they would be introducing a bigger, better, paid version of their wildly successful dating/one-night-standing app, but they did it anyway. Now, only days after launch, users are already complaining about it.

Tinder Plus allows users to ‘rewind’ to rectify an accidental leftward swipes and match with people across the nation instead of just locally, among other things. The biggest issue people seem to be having with it is that it’s priced more cheaply for younger users. In America the monthly $9.99 fee is exclusively available to under-30s, whilst everyone else has to pay twice that. The over-30 crowd are not amused, many of them have taken to Twitter to voice their frustration.

It’s understandable, charging older people more money to look for love (or whatever else) looks pretty bad no matter how you spin it, you’re either making them out to be more desperate or assuming they have more money to devote to such things.

The other, rather unfortunate measure Tinder have taken is to limit the number of times a standard user can swipe within a certain time frame, throwing up a 12 hour blockade whenever they hit said limit. The limit is also not set, it changes depending on the user, and is meant to encourage users to be a bit more discerning with their swiping, supposedly.

The reason Tinder is so successful is because it’s simple (and cynical), you like the look of someone, you swipe right, they like you back, you immediately know you aren’t wasting your time. Throwing in new features that make the system more complex is only going to frighten users away, and there’s plenty of up-and-coming competition out there for them to migrate to. This strikes me as a policy that will either be very quickly recanted, lest Tinder suffer a mass user exodus, people might actually starting going outside and meeting each other organically again, we can’t have that.

Callum Davies

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