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Throw Your Content in the Air Like You Just Don't Care - with Viggo

Imagine Bluetooth, pumped up on steroids and popped into a nice IOS themed suit, that’s Viggo.


Viggo is a new app, whose premise is a sharing app that has made things simpler than ever before. The app describes its sharing method as ‘throwing content into the air’ for others to simply pluck out and use.

For people to receive your content they just need to be nearby and have downloaded Viggo too. If this app took off and everybody had it, sharing could be so much simpler, but equally things could get quite invasive.
You can share anything you like: text, links, pictures, contacts and documents. You don’t need to be friends or a contact already, just in range, which makes things quick and simple.
Once you turn off Viggo, your content disappears from the public eye and no-one can take it anymore.

The app developers claim that Viggo is a ‘completely new way to share content.’ I beg to differ. I think they've forgotten about our old pal Bluetooth!

Well actually, they haven’t because they go onto mention Bluetooth about 100 times. It can only access everyone in range of your Bluetooth; it uses Bluetooth to discover users nearby, etc. So this is a jazzed up Bluetooth.

Whilst it’s great not needing a contact/password to share with another person, it also means anybody else (if they happen to have the app) can sneak in on your conversation and snap up the photos.

As long as nothing personal is left hanging in the air then I suppose this wouldn't be a problem.

My main concern with the app is whether there really was a gap in the market for more sharing tools. The main pro is that you could potentially share this with hundreds of people. Imagine you’re in a conference, they share a document via Viggo and you can all log in and pick it up. Here I can see it appealing to those looking for simpler, accessible, user-friendly apps.

Find the app here: 

Megan Herdson
Megan is a country girl who moved to the city with some big dreams. She is studying her MA in Creative Writing whilst also managing an American Football Team.  She loves her blog and wants nothing more than to have her words read. That and to win the Championship, obviously. Follow her @MeganAtSMF

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