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The Twitter Campaign To #GiveBenAJob Is Successful

Ben Small is 26 years old, he’s from Liverpool and he has down syndrome. After a long struggle of looking for work, he’s just managed to land himself a job. Mostly thanks to a solid Twitter campaign.


Ben had struggled finding work in spite of his experience in catering and restaurants. During the struggle to find long term, paid work, his step-mother, Fiona Hodge wanted to help.
Her solution? Turn to Twitter!
After hundreds of retweets, the #GiveBenAJob went viral and job offers started to pour in. Ben went from struggling to receive any interview offers to receiving 30 in just two days! That’s more impressive than my 100% Interview success record. Nice work, Fiona and Ben!

He started his first day at work earlier this week, you can see how it went here:
How’s this for a bit of a happy story? Ben’s success story is a lovely bit of happiness to come out of Liverpool. Especially considering their Premiership campaign.

Social media has become and incredibly useful way to find work. You don’t need to have a viral campaign about finding yourself a job, you just need to follow the right companies and people. More often than not, Twitter and social media is the first place these jobs will get advertised.

So get Tweeting, and get yourself some work!

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