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The Twitter bird now Tweets (Sings?) the songs of Rhapsody

Twitter has struck a deal with online streaming site Rhapsody. The love child of their recent collaboration is born in the form of a new feature that allows free streaming of full length songs straight from your twitter feed.


Songs can only be posted by twitter members with a subscription to Rhapsody, but all of their followers are able to listen to songs posted, start to finish, with no more than a click of the play button. Announced on the Tuesday of the SXSW, held in Austin, Texas, the feature has already become active and actively used on mobile devices.

Last year Twitter revealed audio cards which first allowed users to stream music from their feed. This was only available, however, to a select few amongst their launch partners. Now the same audio cards can be used, by all, to host tracks from Rhapsody’s eclectic music library.

Rhapsody aims to gain new subscribers via the new feature, to add to their current two million daily users. These subscribers will come, for the most part, from the people trying to stream the songs outside of the Twitter feed, where they will be directed to Rhapsody’s sign up page and find themselves only being able to preview the first ten seconds of the song. This will promote subscribers to their site, in a bid to catch up with Spotify’s significantly larger audience, whilst encouraging people to remain within Twitter’s domain.  

Each audio card will carry a “Learn more about Rhapsody” link, where you will be directed to a preview of their full service, which awesomely includes albums such as Led Zeppelin’s Mothership. When you consider that Spotify cannot offer its audience Led Zep, Radiohead, or even The Beatles, you come to realise that you really have nothing to lose in giving this new marriage a chance.

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