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Is This The Time To Get On 'Line'?

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The up and coming, self-proclaimed “Life platform” app has popped up on our blog once or twice, but now with outreach accelerating in step with WhatsApp, this may be the time to get on Line.


With over 13 billion messages sent per day, it seems Line is expanding into the territory of messaging titan WhatsApp, who reportedly deliver up to 30 billionmessages per day. Line’s CEO Jeanie Han revealed that the App currently has 560 million registered users with 1.7 million new users hopping on the band wagon every day. Although still in the shadow of WhatsApp, who tower over them with a recorded 700 million active users. Interestingly U.S citizens only make up 25 million of Line’s total users, leaving them a huge market to grow into.

As described in our previous articles, Line has had a strong focus on mimicking the current social-communication market leaders Facebook and WhatsApp, with the addition of an exclusive, quirky sticker range which proved tremendously popular amongst the first of their users in Japan.  It was estimated by the South-Korean internet content service operators Naver that Line, in its early stages, pulled in a whopping $3.75 million per month on ‘Sticker’ sales alone. Their most recent quarterly revenue shows a 104% increase on the previous year, amounting to $177.5 million, the majority coming from Japan, who still remains the largest portion of their customer market.


But what is it that has made Line so increasingly relevant?

They now offer a range of 65 interwoven apps which provide services from booking taxis, to payment transfer systems (although Line-Pay is still in development.). They have modeled their development on the success of their competitors and maintained an eclectic balance of the most popular aspects of social communication. This has attracted the likes of Paul McCartney, Taylor Swift, Linken Park and even  the Family Guy team to set up official Line accounts, from which they can broadcast up and coming events by communicating directly with their subscribers. Line boast that, to date, 55.8% of all messages sent by artists and companies are read, with 31.6% of coupons offer being redeemed, which is pretty impressive considering the efficiency to today’s ‘Junk’ boxes.

Maybe Line’s fate lies in facts and figures, but my advice, if you really want to find out how well they’re getting on, is to keep your eyes peeled for a fleeting mention in a Family guy cut away, and await one of Mr. Peter Griffin’s so eloquently, subtle critiques.   

Leo Donnelly

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