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Instagram Introduces Collage App



Instagram have been riding a hell of a wave of late, and branching out in all sorts of interesting ways, innovating their signature app and looking into new ones. Their latest is Layout, an app purpose-built for creating photo collages. Using it, users can select anything up to 9 images and the app will help arrange them into a collage template, based on the nature of the images (date, location or shots of faces). You can also use the ‘Photo Booth’ to take a series of selfies using the front-facing camera on your phone/tablet.


From there, a myriad of different editing options open up, enabling you to tailor your collage exactly to your needs. As well as shuffling the images around, you can mirror them, rotate them and resize them. When you apply these options to sets of up to 9 pictures, the possibilities became vast and fascinating.

For instance, if you use the same 2 or 3 images, repeated until you have 9, you could create a kind of optical illusion, or if you take 9 extreme close ups of a face and build the full one from the composite. Hours of fun could be had figuring out new ideas. Once you’re done with a collage you can share it directly to your Instagram, Facebook or pretty much wherever else (except Twitter, for some reason).

This isn’t exactly completely new territory, there are numerous third party apps that do the exact same job, but Instagram likely hope to appeal to a broader market with theirs, and creating synergy across multiple different ones is kind of the thing to do at the moment. Just look at Facebook.


This is an interesting counterpart to Instagram’s last external venture, Hyperlapse, which enables you to make really smooth, high quality time lapses with relative ease. They seem intent on creating easy shortcuts for otherwise tricky photography disciplines. I’m not sure where they can go from here, perhaps they’ll bring out an app for quick and easy light painting, or depth of field effects, it’ll be exciting to find out, in any case. 

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