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Google and Twitter Team Up Whilst Facebook Forces Ads on Businesses

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February has been a big month for Google, Twitter and Facebook, with significant changes made to their operations and partnerships. Take a look at the latest updates, and what they mean for both brands and users.  


Twitter Teams Up With Google
According to Bloomberg, Twitter has reached a deal with Google that means tweets will be searchable via the search engine. This isn’t the first partnership of its kind, but it is set to be the most significant. Similar deals have been struck in the past with Bing and Yahoo, but given that Google currently commands 75% of the search market, this is a much bigger deal.
This data-sharing agreement allows tweets to be fed into Google’s system in real real-time, rather than the engine having to crawl webpages one by one like other websites. Twitter CFO Anthony Noto believes that the new feature will make Twitter more visible to people who don’t spend time on the site, and engineers are already working to bring the two systems together.

Facebook Reduces Organic Reach
Though many marketers have seen it coming for quite some time, Facebook has now changed its algorithm to cut down on “promotional content” that appears in a user’s News Feed. Whilst this may seem like a positive for those who use the network, for businesses it means that you must pay in order to reach you’re following.
This is a harsh reminder that the social media giant still controls the reach and effectiveness of your Facebook Page. Your  Facebook following is effectively not truly yours, but rented. However not all is lost, as brands can still generate ROI that continues to stretch far wider than print, TV and banner ads, but only if they continue embrace the new rules.
Whilst this could be seen as a controversial move, it seems Facebook is not worried about criticism and it moves full steam ahead by improving its advertising offering. Most recently, Facebook’s new ‘Ad Relevancy’ update scores each campaign on a scale of 1-10, giving you feedback on your


Image Content Less Valuable On Facebook
Once deemed the best way to engage your audience, image content is now social media users’ least favoured medium according to a new study by SocialBakers, the same company that declared images to be “king on Facebook” less than a year ago.
SocialBakers’ data found that video is now the most popular, with an organic reach of 8.7%, closely followed by link and plain text posts that scored 5.3% and 5.8% respectively.
In light of this research, data released by Facebook recently revealed that 50% of daily users in the US watch at least one video every day. In fact, Facebook has even gone so far as to steer market share away from YouTube when it comes to video consumption.

It’s difficult to determine the next steps of these social giants, though it’s definitely evident that we’re looking at marketers forking out more to make their mark on their target audience online. 

Joseph Hill
Joseph works in digital marketing at Search Laboratory. He believes that by combining both Content Marketing, Social Media and Public Relations you can get the most from your online marketing.
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