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Facebook Now Allows Custom Gender Options

Facebook Taking More Steps To Abolish Gender Restrictions

Thursday saw the launch of a new fill-in-the-blank gender option on Facebook for U.S and UK users.


In February 2014 Facebook did something revolutionary, they accepted that not everyone would fit into their preset gender identities of male or female and neither. They created a whopping 50+ options for their users, ranging from transgender to two-spirit.

Less than a year later, Facebook have gone a step further. There is now a “custom option” where the user is able to write in exactly what they want to be known as. The possibilities are endless.
Ari Chivukula, a transgender Facebook engineer who helped develop the “custom option” thinks the change will encourage others to speak up and be proud of their identity: “We’re hoping this will open up a dialogue,” says Chivukula.


The change will have a positive effect on Facebook’s diversity as well as the LGBT community and anyone struggling with their gender. The concept of gender restrictions is outdated and Facebook is taking exciting advances for social media to break away from gender being a limiting group and move into a fluid multitude of choices.

Many Facebook users will not even realise the new options are there. But for those who do recognize it, it will be an empowering and moving experience.

Obviously, a few restrictions still apply. Unfortunately, the custom option is yet to make it out of the US and the UK but the 50+ list is still available in France, Germany, Spain, Denmark, Argentina, Italy, Canada and Australia.

Other than that, Facebook has limited who you can be interested in: males and/or females or neither. Furthermore, there are still only the same 3 options for pronouns “him/her/theirs,” but this could be a sensible move for Facebook, before things get too complicated.

Facebook is, yet again, paving the way for other social media sites and marking an exciting future for gender identity. Although there is always some hostility to be expected, the World Wide Web is making positive steps to accelerating the acceptance of different genders.

Megan Herdson
Megan is a country girl who moved to the city with some big dreams. She is studying her MA in Creative Writing whilst also managing an American Football Team.  She loves her blog and wants nothing more than to have her words read. That and to win the Championship, obviously. Follow her @MeganAtSMF

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