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Durex Campaign 2015 #Connect

The Future Of Sex Is Here (Kind Of)

Durex say they have discovered something that will help you with your tech dependence: It’s the off switch!

Almost exactly a year ago, Durex celebrated Earth Hour by launching their #TurnOffToTurnOn campaign, which encouraged people to come off their phones and enjoy one another’s company.


I didn't think it would be possible for Durex to do something similar with the same impact again this year, but they have.

This time, Durex presents #Connect. They show several couples having discussions about the amount of time they spend on their Facebook and Twitter. They then trick them into believing Durex have developed a feature on phones that will enhance their sex lives. By the end of the video it is revealed that the feature is one they have had all along, the “power off” button.

The original video from 2014 displayed several couples together, whilst on their iPads, mobiles and laptops. Then, as if by magic, they realise they could actually be using this time for a bit of how’s your father.

The original video is romantic, sentimental and a bit cheesy. But, Durex took a big step up for their new campaign, which is far more poignant and meaningful.

It features real people in a documentary interview setting. They work better than the characters in the 2014 campaign, by bringing a sense of truth and a third dimension.

Durex creates the perfect video, by rounding everything off with a bit of humour. We watch as the couples lean in, wide eyed, eager to see how their sex lives could incorporate their beloved iPhones.

Then as they realise the truth, they go through the stages of feeling cheated by the company’s clever twist, then they try to laugh it off, then realise how embarrassing it was that they ever believed it in the first place.

The emotion that comes with the realization is tangible and hard to swallow. There are a few tears and Durex’s point comes across stronger than ever before.

This isn't just about a bit of nooky, this is about relationships. Real life relationships, that could be affected by people spending too much time on social media.  

The current 2015 video has reached nearly 3 million views and has only been online since March 11th – the original video reached 9 million over the last year. If the views keep coming in at the rate they already have in the last 24 hours, then this campaign should do even better than last year's. 

I just hope it’s striking the right chord with people.

Today they have released a second video called #Connect,with Carmen & Tommy, which shows one couple’s individual discussion. It is expected that this will be the first of many individual interviews released over the duration of the campaign. 

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