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Device Allows Cats to Post on Instagram


If I were ever to write a novel or short story about mimetic internet humour bringing about the end of the world, I think the ‘turning point’ would be the moment that cats actually start using the internet themselves, rather than just being featured all over it.

I really hope I’m not some kind of unwitting prophet. If I say the word ‘Castacam’ to you, you’d probably say ‘bless you’ or ‘gesundheit’ or just ‘what?’ You could be easily for given for doing so, but now the term actually has a meaning, it is the name of a device that can be attached to a cat’s collar, once there it shoots six photographs a minute until it’s taken off and connected up to the internet again, at which point you can upload the best ones on your cat’s behalf.

Admittedly you are doing some of the work there, but the actual photography is all-cat, since the shutter is motion-activated. Once uploaded (to an account specific to the cat, or just your own, depending on exactly how deranged you are) the images all automatically get the #castacam hashtag affixed to them, to allow ease of access both for everyday cat enthusiasts and ‘cat experts’ who are on hand to offer behavioural insights into the pictures.

Alright, so it is in fact a promotional stunt by Whiskas, but the Castacam is 100% real and the images online are 100% from it, but only a very select number of them have actually been produced and they’ve mostly been reserved for celebrities who are in on the deal. This does strike me as the kind of think that might end up going full-on consumer mainstream. People love cats. Cats tolerate people.

In the meantime, as well as just following the hashtag on Instagram, you can see the pictures on the Whiskas Facebook page, as well as links to the accounts of all the cats involved. That is not a sentence I ever imagined myself typing out. The end is nigh. 

Callum Davies

Callum is a film school graduate who is now making a name for himself as a journalist and content writer. His vices include flat whites and 90s hip-hop. Follow him @CallumAtSMF

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