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Barclays Finds A New Use For Twitter


It will soon be possible to send payments using nothing but your Twitter handle.

Using the Barclays Pingit app you will now be able to exchange small payments using Twitter with friends, families and even businesses.

When Barclays launched Pingit in 2012 their aim was to make sending and receiving money easy, fast and secure. The original idea was to do so using UK mobile numbers. However, by the 10th of March there will be a new option to link your Pingit and Twitter accounts.

Any initial trepidation about the safety of using Twitter as a banking platform was stamped out quickly by Barclays who say that transfers will not be carried out by Twitter, but through Pingit. which already has high security measures in place. And, as with any of Barclay’s mobile banking services, there is a Mobile Banking Guarantee which protects you against fraud.

You don’t have to be a Barclays customer to use the app and it’s available on both iOS and Andriod, making Pingit open to pretty much any of Twitter’s 15 million users in the UK.

There are daily limits on how much you can send and receive using Pingit that vary depending on who you bank with and the type of account you have. Break these limits and you could be looking at a frozen account. But, other than that, it seems pretty simple and all you need to get involved is for both parties in the payment to have Twitter handles.

This could revolutionise the way we make small payments and be particularly useful for IOUs, emergency payments and for any users who are abroad. 

However, I also wonder if it could be a fad. Online banking is easy enough and Barclays made that simpler by adding in the mobile to mobile payment feature a few years back, which other banks have quickly mimicked.


As if that wasn't innovative enough, they had to get Twitter involved. Personally, I think this is a novelty that will soon wear off. I’d be weary of using it myself, considering my bank has an app that is available just as readily as Pingit. However, with more than £1bn being sent via the app and businesses now being invited to join in, perhaps I am just being old fashioned. 

Megan Herdson
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