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Ten Famous Twitter Accounts that Demand Your Attention


It’s all very well wanting to keep up to date with the machinations of all your favourite film stars, musicians, comedians and people who are just famous for being famous, but for pure entertainment value, who stands out? Most celebrity Twitter accounts do little more than pay lip-service, promoting things that you heard about elsewhere, perhaps retweeting the odd thing here and there.
These 10 people are far more dedicated than that, using the platform to do amusing, interesting, unusual things to assure that their follower-base is always satisfied.

10. David Lynch

Twin Peaks creator, film director and all-around odd person David Lynch might not seem like the most obvious mark for a good Twitter feed, but you’d be surprised. His feed is an ever-amusing, bizarre little idiosyncrasies, and always prefaced with ‘Dear Twitter Friends’. More recently his output has been peppered with Twin Peaks references and enticing little insights into the upcoming new season of the legendary show.

9. Minnie Driver

Minnie Driver almost quit Twitter for good last year after getting papped while she was on holiday in Miami and weathered a torrent of unpleasant comments about her body. We’re very grateful that she decided to get back on it. The lion’s share of her tweets involve funny quips and images that she either takes herself or just stumbles across on the internet, and she presents them with the sharpness of wit that we all aspire to.

8. Aaron Paul

Is there anyone who has a better relationship with their fan base than Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul? It’s unlikely. Besides the numerous stories of interactions between him and his fans out in the wild, he is an active, responsive Twitter user and regularly fulfils requests that are made of him, most which usually involve the B-word, in some way or another.

7. Alyssa Milano

Twitter is a massively beneficial promotional tool and everyone knows it. Nearly every famous Twitter account devotes at least 25% of its quotient to self-promotion, but Alyssa Milano has other ideas. Milano uses her account to promote interesting articles, writings, music and whatever else she might happen upon and she has very good taste, you could wile away entire weekends scrolling through all the lovely things on her feed.

6. Neil DeGrasse-Tyson

Feel like you need more science in your life? Follow Neil DeGrasse-Tyson. Cosmos presenter, Star Talk host and Pluto deplanetiser, Tyson maintains a solid, prolific flow of interesting science facts, often relating to whatever else might be going on in the world, from the Super Bowl to the scientific oversights in the film Gravity.

5. Kat Dennings

The star of Two Broke Girls has always been fairly web-savvy, having run a successful, well maintained blog for a long time. Her tweets range from the humorous to the heart-warming to the astute and she keeps them rolling in really regularly.

4. James Blunt

Being that his music is regarded in many circles as whiny dirge, James Blunt gets a lot of stick, and I mean a lot. Thankfully for him though, he’s availed of a dry, razor sharp wit with which to combat all the scorn and most of his comebacks are funnelled through Twitter.

3. Richard Ayoade

Actor, comedian, filmmaker and king of quirk Richard Ayoade knows how to handle himself so far as PR is concerned. He approaches interviews with a kind of cynical honesty that immediately elevates him about most of his contemporaries and his Twitter is no different. His tweets are routinely laced with a kind of profound sarcasm and multi-layered humour that takes real finesse to express in 140 characters.

2. God

Okay, there may be some possibility that this isn’t actually God’s Twitter. But it could be, how are we to know? If it is God, he’s got some pretty strong convictions about a lot of different things, from the Kardashians to countering some of the views of his more extreme followers (the religious kind, not the internet kind). Praise be.

1. Kanye West

Who could be more entertaining to follow than God? Try somebody with a serious God complex. His Twitter feed is probably the least regular one on this list, but when he drops one, it’s a doozy. Often, he will spiral into full-blown rants about the nature of hip-hop, criticism of his work, but mostly just himself and how great he is. Even trivial things send him into a passionate flurry, it’s rather astounding to watch.

Callum Davies

Callum is a film school graduate who is now making a name for himself as a journalist and content writer. His vices include flat whites and 90s hip-hop. Follow him @CallumAtSMF

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