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Russian Lesbians Post Protest Kiss Selfie on a Plane


Just try to deny the awesome power of the selfie now. During a flight from Moscow to St. Petersburg, a young Russian gay couple discovered that they were sitting very close to politician Vitaly Milonov, the man responsible for Russia’s stringent anti-gay laws. Then, later into the flight, they noticed he’d fallen asleep.

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Unbeknownst to him, but beknownst to everyone else, the couple took a snap of themselves sharing a kiss with the outspoken homophobe snoozing in the back of shot and posted it on Instagram. The image went viral and one of the women, who identifies herself online as Kseniya Infinity, uploaded more pictures and detailed what happened afterwards. Allegedly Milonov did eventually wake up, and proceeded to cover his face with his tablet when he realised what was going on.

Milonov didn’t react particularly well, threatening to involve Cossacks during a statement to Zaks.ru. Cossacks are an anti-Orthodox militia who sometimes act as informal police and infamously attack members of the band Pussy Riot during the Sochi Winder Olympics. “I can call the Cossacks … they’re already on their way, with whips and torches. We will expel all the perverts from St. Petersburg.” Claimed an incensed Milonov.
He later spoke to Flashnord about the incident, referring to the women involved as “idiots”. This is rather timely, being that the disgruntled Senator is currently doing his utmost to seal a loophole that would completely shut out the freedom to marry within same-sex relationships in Russia. What sweetens the deal is that the kissing couple were, in fact, married, and have only been married for a few weeks.

This isn’t the first time Milonov has been embarrassed by a member of the LGBT community, as he sat down for a disastrous interview with Stephen Fry in 2013, during which he became gradually more flustered. In a later statement, he called Fry ‘sick’ and made reference to his past suicide attempt.


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